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Niche Web Site Promotion Basics: Part 2

Your best advice is probably to plan your whole website out on paper. Write down all the pages you initially intend to promote and complete at least five. Do this by designing your home page, and including the links to the five pages you are going to start with. Link to all four or five other pages from your home page, and then use the home page as a template for the rest. This will save making all the links on every page separately.

Until your site is ready, do not use the index.html as the name for your home page. Otherwise the search engines might find it before you are ready and consign it to the graveyard because the links don’t work! Unlikely, but possible! Finish your first five pages, change your home page address to index.html, then you are all set.

Your site can be discovered naturally by the search engines. Continue to build until you are happy that your site is more or less complete, and then submit it to Google, Yahoo and MSN. These will circulate your submission to all the rest of any search engines worth bothering about. Forget adverts about 1000s of search engines. These are the three that the others take their information from.

That is the first, and major, part of your niche site promotion. The next is to start writing articles and submitting them to article directories. If can’t write properly yourself, pay for it. The cost is well worth it for the return in back links and direct traffic that you get.

How to Legalize Your Home Based Business

As you prepare to run your business from home, you must know that every business must be legally recognized by laws that govern the running of a business. This process of legalizing a home business can be challenging because most business laws do not cover businesses run from a home or entirely on the internet. However, there are a number of steps that you should follow to try to legalize your business. These are:a) Check local business laws in your locality to see whether companies run from home are covered or not. Most states and countries do not have rules and regulations in place for such companies but mat have a generalize category of businesses that do not fit preexisting categories.b) Apply for a business license if necessary. The license is your legal permission to operate your business. The fees and regulations of a home business vary depending on state and country and you must find the specific fees and procedures for your kind of business from the local government agents.c) Get a sales ID number depending on the business you are running. This ID can be obtained from a local tax office once you have the business registration certificate or a business license. This ID will also assist you not to pay taxes for products you purchase through the internet for company use.d) Be certain on the space that you are allowed to use. In most cases, a home based business will need only a small desk space to run everything, as long as it can accommodate most required hardware including a computer, printers, scanners and telephone handsets.e) Property tax is another issue that you must pay close attention to. Any property that you consider a business property like computers and other accessories must be duly registered and any taxes paid on them.f) Remember that for home based business, the city council will not allow vendors and clients to come to your home for business. Most cities and councils have rules in place that prohibits this. If you need to meet clients, you can choose to meet at a hotel or a public place. As for the company property, you will only be allowed to have a certain number of property e.g. cars registered under your business at your home.g) Conflicts also arise when it comes to business signs and erecting business boards at your home. Some cities and towns do not allow people to have signs in the residential areas advertising the businesses they run in their homes. You will need to check this with your local business laws to avoid unnecessary clashes with the law.h) Before you are granted a business license, an inspection may be required. Prepare for this inspection in advance and be sure that what you put on paper is the same as what the city inspectors will find at your business base. When you get a license, have it framed and hung on the wall in case of inspections, it will be easy to notice.

A Few Christian Home Based Business Ideas

If you are interested in running your own business and you are a Christian then you may be interested in these Christian home based business ideas. It does not have to be things directly related to the Christian faith in regards to products, but more to do how it does not interfere with your ability to be a Christian and not dealing in things that go against your beliefs.The market for this kind of business has really expanded in recent times as people are looking at ideas to bring in some extra income in their spare time and the internet is seen as being a place where there is a lot of opportunity. However, they are always aware of the extremely unchristian products that are always on the internet so people are looking for the things that do not go against beliefs.There are various things that you are able to do even online which would fit in well with your Christian way of life as the main thing is it should follow set morals and not include things that go against your beliefs. A good thing to do is have an online store and you do have a selection of products that you can have on it.One of the many ideas is, you could easily run an online Christian based bookstore and there are certainly a large number of books available on the subject and you have the added bonus of being able to start by marketing to your own Christian group or church. It is mostly a case of picking a good supplier or advertising books that you can have shipped from elsewhere.Create a website that sells Christian crafts or other small items. Of course if you are artistic then you can produce them yourself or if not then partner with people in various churches or groups who can produce them and you earn a commission when selling.If you are good at writing then you can look at producing articles or other written pieces for Christian based blogs or websites. You can often be paid quite well per article so it can lead to a good second income for you.There are of course a large number of offline businesses that you can be involved in but you should find that it is best to try and set something up yourself rather than rely on others. But keep in mind, more potential customers will come from online sources rather than offline. There are a number of christian home based business ideas on the web that actually give you a website to advertise and market with, as a bonus for joining their christian company. These christian businesses are often a great means of starting a christian home based business quickly and easily with less problems.